May 1st, 2009

little review

Poem for Friday

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I started my Thursday in the usual fashion, waking up with Adam to buy stuff for our Superpoke Pets. (The sunrise beach is very pretty, and I had to have a mariachi-singing tiger.) Then I did lots of stuff too boring to talk about until he got home from school. (No, really, you don't want to know about the cat barf.) At that point, my mother picked us up and we went to meet with the Bar Mitzvah photographer, who lives in a pretty neighborhood near the Potomac River. (We liked her work and her style very much -- she's friendly, easygoing, and interesting -- though she horrified us by telling us that she removes the nests with baby birds surrounding her porch because she doesn't want bird poop on the porch.) Speaking of birds, here are some more adorable goslings from Lake Whetstone:

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We watched Smallville under the mistaken impression that it might be the season finale, which it clearly was not, since no one met a tragic fate and very little stuff blew up. Collapse ) I've been quite happy with Obama during his first hundred days -- not everything, not several privacy and environmental decisions in particular. But even if I had been thoroughly disgusted with him, David Souter reminded me tonight of the single most important reason I supported Obama and I would have supported any Democrat in the race who got the nomination. I haven't been enthralled with Souter all the time either, but considering who appointed him, we got very lucky.

I am on Dreamwidth under my usual username. Haven't bought a paid account yet, though I probably will in near future because I've been impressed with the site thus far and am happy to support advertising-free, user-friendly blogging. But I'm not planning on leaving Blogger or LiveJournal, nor am I planning on making Dreamwidth my primary reading list, so you are welcome to keep reading me here or switch there or find me on InsaneJournal...whatever makes you happy!