May 2nd, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I had a quiet Walpurgisnacht and a rather uneventful Beltane in both a traditional and Jonathan Coulton sense. Slept later than I intended -- still recovering from migraine, plus it's hard to get out of bed with three cats holding the covers down. Then spent much too much of the morning organizing things at Dreamwidth and subscribing/granting access to the influx of people who joined overnight, which in some cases required figuring out whose new username went with which familiar one. I was planning to have lunch with gblvr, who was dealing with car problems all morning, but by the time she got down to my area, it was late enough that I was afraid I'd be late to pick up Adam in the rain, so we postponed. Before and after that, I wrote a fairly low-key review of Next Gen's "In Theory".

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We had dinner with my parents, then came home so Daniel could study for his math SAT achievement test tomorrow morning. I put on Jesus Christ Superstar because he said music didn't bother him and we all know it very well (and we missed our annual Easter viewing, though I suppose it's sacrilegious to watch on Beltane, or maybe the other way around). Saturday we all have to get up very early -- Daniel for the test, Adam to go with a friend to a wildlife preserve, myself and Paul to volunteer as ushers for another child's Bar Mitzvah at the temple -- so I must go collapse.