May 4th, 2009

green little review

Lyrics for Monday

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It rained all day Sunday. By the time Adam got home from Hebrew school, we had sadly accepted that we wouldn't make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year. Daniel has AP exams for the next two school days, so we figured it was just as well if we stayed in so he could study, and Adam could clean his room and design stuff for his Pokeplushies shop and entertain the cats.

We turned the kids over to my parents at 4 p.m. and went to Jammin' Java in Virginia to see the awesome Mary Fahl, who was warming up with Byron Isaacs on guitar and Glenn Patscha on keyboards when we arrived. They played a few bars of an October Project song, which made me hopeful. We ate while waiting for the show to start; they were out of vegetarian chili, but the corn and chicken chili was excellent. Collapse )

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