May 7th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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I got to hear my son read from the Torah for the first time today. I've heard him do his Torah portion several times, but this was the first time the rabbi took him and the girl who will have her Bat Mitzvah at the same service into the sanctuary and had them read from the scroll (he used the Torah that one of the other rabbis had left out, which has archaic letters and is harder to read than the one he'll be using for the actual service). It was really nice to hear how well he could do it and the other girl is at a similar level and very friendly, so that made up for the atrocious traffic getting to and from the temple.

As for the rest of the day, I spent the morning fighting with Google Docs to try to import MS Word documents with their tabs intact -- why does Google Docs insist on resetting everything in Arial even when they've been imported in Times New Roman? -- and we just spent the evening watching the last two episodes of the first season of Slings & Arrows because older son was singing "Cheer Up Hamlet" at dinner. The whole family loves it -- go me! Now we are having a lovely thunderstorm here -- again. And the Nats are not yet losing to the Dodgers.

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