May 10th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Sunday

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I had a quiet morning putting away laundry and goofing off with Adam, who was trying to design something in Microsoft Paint that I tried to help with in Photoshop. Then, after Daniel got home from volunteering at Hebrew school, we ate lunch and went to Frying Pan Farm Park in Virginia, which was having a spring farm festival to show off the new baby animals as well as some of the farm tasks like sheep shearing, corn husking, and recycling water (a relatively modernized operation at this facility where the blacksmith and dairy barn still use methods from more than a hundred years ago). There were lots of young kids in the festival area making sheep magnets and driving toy tractors, but the barns weren't crowded and we got to see dozens of animals:

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I received Boston Legal's fifth season box set in the mail today -- as well as Crusoe, yay, which comes with a copy of the book, hee -- so just to make sure the DVDs worked right, I put on Alan and Denny and Shirley and Carl's wedding, which improved my mood immeasurably. (If Antonin Scalia would actually perform a wedding like that, it would improve my mood far more.) After dinner and homework, we watched the second half of last night's Hornblower two-parter, Retribution, which is possibly my very favorite but also by far the saddest. I love how much Kennedy and Bush both adore Hornblower but it's Pellew who has my favorite line: "You will not hang a man so dear to me as one of my very own." Was he going to say "son" or "wife"?