May 14th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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The major event of my day was Adam's Bar Mitzvah rehearsal, which you are surely even more sick of reading about than I am of talking about. So I wrote up a bunch of stuff about sexual politics on Slings & Arrows to post, but then I remembered that I really should wait till I've seen the third season before venturing an opinion, and that I really don't want to venture an opinion anyway about something fannish that I really, really like because I always end up sorry when I do that, even when it's unmitigated delight. So -- oh, yes, I AM grumpy again, why do you ask! -- I shall simply post photos of caterpillars, which are happily eating away at the leaves in our neighborhood and it's a good thing that they're so cute.

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Speaking of Adam, he is naturally delighted that the Penguins won and will advance in the playoffs, though the rest of my extended family were all rooting for the Caps and are sorry that they lost. (Daniel doesn't care.) In the evening after dinner and homework, we decided to watch The Da Vinci Code in anticipation of Angels & Demons -- a movie that is always more engrossing and just plain better than I expect it to be considering how many times I've seen it and how much of the book simply takes material I'd read in earlier books and plugs it into a fairly formulaic thriller. I adore Ian McKellen's performance and I could watch the scenes at the Louvre and in Temple Church endlessly.