May 17th, 2009

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Poem for Sunday

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We thought about going to Claude Moore Colonial Farm's spring festival, but the weather was iffy and so was my head, so instead we had a lazy morning and went to see Angels & Demons after lunch. I'm not really sure what the critics have been griping about -- I thought it had the same flaws as The Da Vinci Code, namely that these thrillers require a lot of historical and geographical exposition requiring a lot of lecturing on the part of the main characters, but that said, I thought it had terrific pacing, interesting visuals considering how much of the story takes place in the dark, good casting, and about as fair an adaptation of the book as could be hoped -- in fact, the film got rid of my least-favorite aspects of the novel. Collapse )

After the film we took a walk around the lake outside the shopping plaza that the theater complex is part of:

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While we were walking, watching the sky darken with the thunderstorm that arrived soon after, my mother sent a text asking if we wanted to come over for dinner, so we had pizza and watched the Preakness there. I wanted either filly Rachel Alexandra or Derby winner Mine That Bird to win -- I hate rooting against an underdog but I also hate rooting against the girl -- so I was happy that they finished one-two.

In the evening, Adam worked on his Bar Mitzvah speech and Daniel worked on homework, then we watched Horatio Hornblower: Loyalty, which is not my favorite story-wise but has lovely Hornblower/Bush stuff and Hornblower/Pellew stuff, and unlike pretty much everyone I know in this fandom, I actually like Maria. Now we have stumbled upon Beyond the Da Vinci Code on the History Channel and they are showing the Chalice Well Gardens and Tor in Glastonbury in a discussion of Grail mythology, so I am pleased and nostalgic.