May 21st, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I had lunch with my oldest friend -- the one whose family hosts the Super Bowl party that my family goes to every year. I've known her since elementary school (in first grade, she was the "new girl" right after I was the "new girl") and we kept in touch writing letters all through college before there was e-mail. We had planned to meet at a Chipotle after her yoga class, but she never made it to class and the Chipotle was mobbed, so we ended up at the terrific Japanese restaurant Niwano Hana, where we had tempura and sushi and discussed our sons' upcoming Bar Mitzvahs and our travel plans and such.

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We watched the last episode of the second season of Slings & Arrows which I figured the kids would like because the production of Macbeth kicks ass and there's also a lot of swearing, nudity (implied, not onscreen), and general lunacy. Then we made the mistake of putting on Fox looking for early headlines (Gary Condit didn't kill Chandra Levy, big surprise) and saw the end of American Idol. I've never seen an episode of the series and despite the presence of some guest musicians I like, this one did nothing to make me think I will next season. Collapse ) I'm depressed about New Hampshire, and that dope Michael Steele, who thinks gay marriage will cost small businesses too much money.