May 24th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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After finishing my review of "Darmok" in the morning, I grabbed my camera and we went to meet my in-laws at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. A new exhibit, Jellies Invasion, had just opened this weekend, so we got to see that, plus the new dolphin show Our Ocean Planet, in which we got to see Chinook, the father of the newest baby at the aquarium, Bayley, whose mother Chesapeake also lives there. We visited the Australia section with its birds and reptiles as well as the fish, the rainforest where we were hoping to see the baby three-toed sloth but it must have been hiding with its mother, and of course we spent a lot of time at the ray tank and descending the shark exhibit.

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My in-laws took us out to dinner at Houlihan's in the Power Plant building -- the service was spotty at best but the barbecued salmon salad was very good. I am getting up early Sunday to go to the Virginia Renfaire, so I had better go collapse, but I do need to note how happy I was to discover Facebook Purity, a Greasemonkey script (for Firefox) that lets you block all quiz results and external application posts on your home page on Facebook! No more Mafia Wars, egg hunts, or Which Evil Dictator Are You cluttering up your friends' status updates and links. And Daniel got 800 on his math SAT, so there has been much rejoicing here!