June 7th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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I had a lovely day in Richmond with my family. We went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which is in the midst of renovations and will be closed soon, to see the largest collection of Faberge eggs outside Russia, plus the collection of English silver, a gallery of English country art, and the Impressionist gallery, which are just about the only things still open. Then we went to Cold Harbor, which is part of Richmond National Battlefield Park and which is commemorating the 145th anniversary of the battle there this weekend. There was a big Confederate encampment and a much smaller Union encampment, with artillery demonstrations, marching drills, and the opportunity to visit with soldiers -- well, reenactors -- talking about everything from what they ate to how their weapons worked.

We took the walking tour of the battlefield earthworks, then drove to the site of the battle of Totopotomoy Creek -- now the front yard of Rural Point Elementary School -- where an ancestor of apaulled's mother was injured fighting for the Union. After stopping at the creek and a couple of markers where the fighting took place, we drove back into Richmond to meet dementordelta for dinner at the fabulous India K'Raja restaurant. Then we got home just in time for Pushing Daisies, which I watched half-distracted by kids and cats, but any show that has Gina Torres and Robert Picardo in a neo-noir with references to Chinatown demands repeated rewatching anyway!

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