June 11th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Thursday

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Daniel started final exams on Wednesday morning, meaning I had to pick him up before lunch after his tests were over. In the afternoon, we had our final rehearsal for the Bar Mitzvah, interrupted several times by phone calls for the rabbi by various news organizations wanting quotes about the Holocaust Museum shooting. It was a very scattered, sad rehearsal, and I am nervous now about the event, which I wasn't before, considering that both kids have only read from the Haftarah scroll without vowels twice, and both did some stumbling.

After the rehearsal, we stopped at the restaurant to drop off menu and seating information, then we went to Tara Thai for dinner since it was already nearly 7 p.m. (we joked that it was the rehearsal dinner). Then we watched last night's Stewart/Colbert -- Clinton Apology, "Up Where We Belong" -- and, later, tonight's -- Napoleon, the Joe Biden of Iraq. Because I do believe we are fated to repeat history if we do not remember it, here are photos from the reenactment of the Battle of Cold Harbor in Richmond last weekend:

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Adam managed to break the bridge on his violin tonight so I am particularly fried and cranky, as I must pick up Daniel from his exams in Silver Spring, then schlep to Gaithersburg to get the violin repaired. Sigh.