June 17th, 2009

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Poem for Wednesday

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My day was meh because I did a bunch of dumb things, the stupidest of which was leaving our Peter Pan Big Ben toffee tin coin bank at the local bank branch office, where it took me a ridiculous amount of time to deposit Adam's Bar Mitzvah checks, put the bonds into the safe deposit box, and talk to the teller about whether we should switch the kids from young saver accounts to something with slightly higher interest. We got that tin in England on our last trip, keep our coins in it, and bring it to the bank where there's one of those machines where you can dump coins for a deposit slip, and between remembering the safe deposit box key and trying to keep all the papers straight, the tin got left behind. We are all sad about this. I must have been completely distracted, because I also forgot half the stuff I should have gotten next door in CVS. Sigh.

The kids had a pretty good day -- went to the pool early when it wasn't too hot, played with friends in the afternoon, then we all had dinner with my parents who will be out of town on Father's Day (I still owe my father a card and gift), and in the evening we watched The Running Man which I haven't seen in more than a decade. Everything that was dopey about it the first time is still there, but it's still a lot of fun and surprisingly prescient about how reality TV and the dumbing-down of America would occur. My favorite line in the entire film is, "Mr. Richards! I'm your court-appointed theatrical agent." This is Rob Blagojevich's America...or, more to the point, the one where Arnold Schwarzenegger is actually the governor of California. Here are some bunnies from our campground in Moab, Utah last summer:

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