June 23rd, 2009

green little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a lovely day with dementordelta, gblvr, and perkypaduan (or hufflepants depending on where you're reading this). The former got here first and we watched some Merlin and I dragged her to the bank with me. Then we met the others for lunch at the mall food court -- easiest place with all of us plus my kids. And after a stop in Hot Topic to check out the new Harry Potter merchandise (which seems sadly outnumbered by the new Twilight merchandise), we came back to my house, sent the kids to the pool, and watched Nobel Son (because some of us wanted to watch Alan Rickman and some of us wanted to watch Eliza Dushku).

The opening sequence was so graphically violent that I wasn't sure I'd make it through the rest of the movie, but the rest of it was largely quite entertaining, though this is very black comedy -- terrific cast (Mary Steenburgen, Danny DeVito, Bill Pullman), unpredictable script, most amusing car chase sequence I've ever seen (in a mall via remote control). Parts of it are actually quite sad, though Alan is hilarious as a man completely infatuated with himself. When the movie ended, I showed them the business card scene from Arrested Development and we had cookies. Here are some photos of Cisne Branco in Baltimore yesterday:

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