July 8th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Wednesday

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My Tuesday was all about catch-up chores, enlivened by the Michael Jackson memorial which we watched on CBS once we realized that TV Guide was going to run scrolling TV listings throughout and CNN was going to talk over the mourners even more than Katie Couric. CBS ran commercial-free for more than two and a half hours, to their credit, though I am still utterly flabbergasted that this event is being treated like Princess Diana's funeral -- Collapse ) Farrah Fawcett, who died the same day, expended her comparatively low-key celebrity power on drawing attention to domestic violence and cancer research...where's her public outpouring of mourning?

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We had dinner with my parents, since we hadn't seen them in two weeks, then we watched the new Sci-Fi show Warehouse 13 (I can't call it "SyFy" -- sorry, it's like if CBS suddenly decided it wanted to be "See B.S." yet be taken seriously). I recognized the lead actress from Slings & Arrows and the male lead looks a bit like a less pretentious David Boreanaz, and with a show like that, I figured the chemistry between the leads is as important as the plot (because let's face it, X-Files had some very stupid plots). And I did like the leads, though I did not much like the storyline -- Collapse ) Even so, it held all our interest for its two hours and I'm pretty sure we'll watch again next week.