July 9th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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We had a relatively calm Wednesday. Adam's best friend is off to Niagara Falls for a week and came over in the morning to say goodbye. We went to California Tortilla for lunch because they were having a giveaway event with everyone getting coupons and free food and stuff; I also got a light-up chili pepper necklace, hee. Plus the post office delivered my Transparent Tarot, which is exactly as amazing as it sounds. (I haven't tried reading with it yet, I just played with the cards a bit to see the imagery and how it overlays -- I use Tarot for brainstorming/blockbusting rather than divination, and it seems like the perfect deck for creative visualization.)

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The kids and I rewatched two very good movies in the afternoon and at night because Daniel has been working on dystopian fiction for his summer reading: Equilibrium, which is wildly derivative and very silly in its plot but has great performances by Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Taye Diggs, and William Fichtner, and Minority Report, which has my favorite Tom Cruise performance by a long shot and some of my favorite Spielberg directing as well (the visual metaphor of the film is about eyes and not trusting what one sees, and there are some very interesting gimmicks related to that).