July 11th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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My mother took my kids to play miniature golf and swim in the water park at Bohrer Park in Gaithersburg, so I had the afternoon to myself. I went out to get a jewelry holder for earrings and key rings, spent twenty minutes deciding between two, bought one of them, came home, concluded it could not be made to fit in the space where I intended to put it even after I did some rearranging, went back and exchanged it for the other, came home again and fit it in nicely. Consoled myself about this schlepping by buying myself Bath & Body Works' White Citrus roll-on perfume, made the mistake of trying that new True Blue Morocco Sweet Fig & Argan lotion, now keep sniffing my wrist and wishing it came in a spray or some other form of perfume because I have too many lotions as it is (and that goes as well for the Cedarwood & Spice body scrub, which I would never use, but it smells soooo good). Why am I so fragrance-fickle? I just bought some wonderful, ridiculously inexpensive Nag Champa roll-on oil in the Atlanta Underground from one of those vendor carts, but I hate wearing the same scent two days in a row!

As for the rest of my day, I wrote and posted a review of "The Game", which no one will have read yet since I forgot to send the link to the TrekToday staff until about five minutes ago, which is probably just as well because I actually like that episode and any time I've said anything nice about Wesley Crusher, lots of people have had mean things to say to me about it. And we had dinner with my parents. And I burned a DVD of Torchwood: Children of Earth (which I keep wanting to call Torchwood: Children of Men, which I suspect is not merely coincidence but Freudian slip) so my whole family can watch it, if we can stand it. I think everyone here knows by now that I have issues with Doctor Who and Torchwood -- I had plenty of unfriendings after I made my feelings clear during last season's Doctor Who -- so my expectations are considerably lower than I suspect a lot of people's were, but I still want to think it's interesting enough to justify whatever gets done to the characters.

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