July 16th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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I had a very nice morning with my family, gblvr, and perkypaduan, going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (see previous entry for commentary on the movie). Paul was originally going to take the morning off but then he decided to come out to lunch with us and ended up taking the afternoon off too. The theater we went to was not terribly organized for an early show -- the building doors were locked, and though the film was on one of the upstairs screens, only the downstairs box office was open, while only the upstairs Fandango printers worked -- but the theater wasn't even full, so it didn't end up mattering. After the film, we took gblvr out for her birthday at Tara Thai. I sat with the fangirls and let my men sit by themselves, hee.

The kids went to the pool in the afternoon while Paul and I did some chores at home. In the evening, since we were just in New Orleans, we watched Live and Let Die, which was even worse than I remembered...I take a high level of sexism for granted in Bond movies, and I actually prefer the pre-Dalton films which were much less violent than the later ones, but the racist stereotypes are beyond painful and the depiction of Voudou is beyond embarrassing. Still, the movie has a funeral second line in the French Quarter, a boat chase through a bayou in Slidell near the one where we took the swamp tour, and some fabulous Zulu costumes. Speaking of which, from the Presbytere in New Orleans...

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