July 20th, 2009


Poem for Monday

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Daniel had a robotics meeting to help the team prepare for the fall season, so while he was there (and apparently perfectly happy, since they ordered Chinese and debated strategies for the next year), we took Adam to Homestead Farm to pick blackberries and see the animals. It was another beautiful day -- hot in the sun but lovely in the shade, which there was plenty of in the blackberry patch, since the plants were over 7 feet tall with long trailing vines. We rode the hayride tractor out, picked about five pounds of berries, then came back and visited the sheep, goats, calf, chickens, and pig.

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We had dinner with my parents...sushi, which was what Adam wanted -- it's his birthday on Monday -- plus the leftover Chinese food from Friday night and cake. I promised to take the kids for Bagel City on Monday for lunch since we didn't get bagels last week, and in the late afternoon, Daniel has one of the two sessions of summer health ed that he must attend in a classroom as opposed to online. It will probably be a low-key birthday for Adam, but I figure that after the Bar Mitzvah, he won't complain too much. Plus it's the anniversary of the moon landing, so the date will be celebrated in the news anyway!