July 21st, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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In addition to being the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, Monday was Adam's 13th birthday. We celebrated by having lunch at Bagel City (the boys split tuna and nova lox spread bagels, plus a black and white cookie), then coming home so Adam could go to the pool and Daniel could get ready for his first day of health class -- mandated by the county for graduation, taken in the summer so he doesn't have to stop performing in the school choir, which is a course that must be taken at school.

Both my parents stopped by to say happy birthday. Paul made poached salmon for dinner for Adam, so I was the third-party beneficiary of his birthday -- okay, technically I suppose I deserve some credit for his birthday. After we retrieved Daniel, we had ice cream sundaes, plus the blackberries we picked over the weekend with Cool Whip, while we watched the History Channel's specials on the moon launch...I prefer the actual footage to the reenactments, but it's all good.

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Pushing Daisies season two comes out on DVD on Tuesday! And Sean Bean will apparently be starring in the adaptations of those George R.R. Martin novels I've never read but I guess I will be watching!