July 22nd, 2009


Poem for Wednesday

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My kids and I had lunch with gblvr at Lebanese Taverna, which was very nice both in terms of the food and in terms of getting to see gblvr, whose birthday present I remembered to bring this time! Unfortunately it was not a very long lunch because Daniel had a lot of homework after his first day of health class; my in-laws wanted to take them camping overnight later in the week and he doesn't think he can spare the time because new work is being uploaded on a regular basis. (He seems to be reasonably interested in the work, at least, and there is a lot of online interaction with the other students, which makes me happy because I was afraid he'd be stuck in the house not talking to other kids while taking the course -- he did lots of talking to other kids today electronically.) My afternoon and most of my evening was spent with my new 1TB hard drive, moving photos and creating a backup of my documents folder, which took an absurd number of hours.

PBS showed a special in the evening on cuttlefish, Kings of Camouflage, that was fascinating; ngech tells me that it was formerly titled Cuttlefish: The Brainy Bunch and was screened at the Natural History museum downtown, but I missed it so I was very pleased to learn that cuttlefish are more intelligent than a lot of vertebrates. Then we watched Warehouse 13, which was pretty blah, though apparently I can sit through an hour of any show where I like the female lead even if the plot isn't all that hot. We watched the post-Torchwood Declassified excerpt, and now Jon Stewart is making us cry with his explanation that Captain Trade is getting buggered by the donkey because of compromises by the Democrats who keep acting like they don't want to offend the American people who elected them for a more progressive agenda by voting like progressives.

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