July 24th, 2009


Poem for Friday

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Adam got me up early so we could go Superpoke shopping together -- he now has his very own penguin, rather than the one he created on Paul's Facebook account, though he is still playing with that one too so it doesn't get lonely -- and I am now the proud owner of a rainforest, pet shop, pub, and princess bedroom. (Hey, stop laughing, I had a canopy bed growing up.) The plan was to send the kids to the pool after Daniel finally hauled himself out of bed and did his homework, but a massive thunderstorm hit not long after they left the house, so after they changed, we went out for ice cream and sat out the worst of the storms in Baskin Robbins since Adam had a coupon from his birthday for a free scoop. By the time everyone was finished, the sun was out again, so I took them back to the pool. Later it began to pour again while the sun was still out, and this happened:

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In the evening I had to watch the second part of "Unification" to review on Friday, and then Daniel said, "Can we watch Diefenbaker?" by which he meant Due South. I cannot believe I put off watching this show for so long, considering that it is the best thing since...okay, Slings and Arrows, and I suspect it's just as well I watched them in reverse order because I don't know if I would adore Paul Gross so completely if not for Martha Burns (I adore David Marciano pretty unconditionally at the moment though I can't recall ever seeing him in anything before this). On top of the awesome guys, though, I love Chicago in this show, the politics of the underclass, and just how really positive about humanity it is, at least so far. If that changes when Callum comes along, it will bother me a lot more than just changing Rays.