August 1st, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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This is going to be a very discombobulated entry because, due to an incredible stroke of luck and the generosity of an old friend, I am going to see Paul McCartney at FedEx Field Saturday night with my family! WHOOOO! Old friend -- whom I haven't really seen since high school -- works for a company that had bought a big block of tickets, didn't distribute them all, she wound up with a bunch of them, offered them to friends on Facebook, I was lucky enough to see her post before someone else grabbed them! So we have a long day tomorrow starting with picking up the tickets from her on the way to drop Daniel off at robotics, then taking Adam to meet my in-laws at a corn roast and tour of the Union Mills Homestead which has a Civil War encampment going on, then we're stopping at the Baltimore Ravens scrimmage open to the public in Westminster, then picking up Daniel and going to FedEx Field! (Anyone know whether their "no cameras during concerts" rule includes cell phones with cameras?)

Anyway, any excitement of my Friday cannot compare with my plans for Saturday, though there was a tornado warning in my county that I received while my mother was in Gaithersburg bowling with my kids and called to warn them. I stayed home so I could finish my review of "Unification, Part Two" and do various unimpressive chore-type activities. We did not get any major thunderstorm here, but we did get rain, which the sun came out halfway through, and I walked down the street to see if there was a rainbow. It was very faint compared to the one earlier in the week, but the leaves looked very pretty wet in the sunlight. We had dinner with my parents, came home and watched three episodes of Due South including the one that Jane Krakowski is in -- hilarious -- and the one where Vecchio thinks Fraser slept with his sister and is wildly jealous overprotective. Did I say WHOOOO! yet?

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Have a very blessed Lammas/Lughnasadh whatever you may be doing on Saturday!