August 3rd, 2009

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Poem for Monday

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Days do not get much better than my Saturday. We left the house early to pick up the Paul McCartney tickets in Rockville, dropped Daniel off for a robotics meeting in Silver Spring, then drove practically to the Pennsylvania border to meet Paul's parents at Union Mills, which was having its 39th Annual Old-Fashioned Corn Roast Festival, plus the 8th Virginia Infantry Regiment was camping on the grounds. Union Mills was the Shriver family homestead for many generations and General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry camped there, taking the family's horses, though one son (a slaveowner) sided with the Union, and another son (not a slaveowner) sided with the Confederacy. The mill still produces flour, plus there's a working blacksmith shop, tannery, and various other historic buildings. At the corn roast, one pays $12 for the fundraiser and gets a quarter chicken, drink, roll, fruit and veggies, plus all the fresh-roasted corn that one can eat (which in Adam's case was five and a half ears). There was live music, mostly jazz, though at one point the band started playing "Maryland, My Maryland" and the people next to us pointed out that it was because former governor Bob Ehrlich had just arrived.

We walked around the grounds and visited the blacksmith and woodcarver, though we didn't take the longer tour of the mill and homestead, before leaving late in the afternoon -- we had thought about stopping by the Baltimore Ravens' scrimmage in nearby Westminster, but we were afraid we'd run late if we did that. It started to rain when we went to pick up Daniel and we got nervous, but by the time we'd eaten dinner and gone into FedEx Field, there was a huge rainbow covering all of the parking lot and Landover beyond. I have already posted at length about Paul McCartney -- see previous entry -- so I will simply reiterate that it was the most amazing concert experience of my life, and mention that getting out of the parking lots at FedEx Field really is as horrible as you may have heard...we weren't home till after 1 a.m., though the concert was over before midnight. So we were still pretty fried on Sunday, and our major activity -- since more rain was forecast -- was going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince again, with my reaction being very much the way it was the first time (liked the movie better than the book, particularly Ginny, Narcissa, and Tonks, even though there are many plot points that really must be filled in later).

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Watched Due South's "Victoria's Secret." I know this is a fan favorite, but there is so much misogyny in this episode, both overt and stuff that falls under the macho code, that I am tempted to write about all the ways it bothers me and how often I find this in shows often celebrated for their subtle homoerotic content. But I think I am instead just going to try to forget about it, because I really love this show when there aren't women involved in any sort of romantic scenario...which is a really sad commentary on women on the series, but there you have it.