August 6th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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I spent Wednesday at home with Daniel, who was finishing his health homework -- his final project in health is due tomorrow, and he has a test -- while my mother took Adam and my niece Isabel, who's a year younger than Adam, to the National Museum of American History, where apparently they saw every exhibit in the place. Adam had seen the flag, presidents and first ladies before, but the Lincoln exhibit wasn't open the last time we were there, so they've seen more of the post-renovation museum at this point than I have. We may stop in over the weekend if we go down to the illuminated manuscript exhibit at the National Gallery and the Tale of Shoten Doji at the Sackler. I watched some of the news coverage of Clinton returning with Lee and Ling -- Lee's daughter was heartbreaking and adorable, and I think that's the biggest hug Gore has given Clinton since they were campaigning together in 1992.

We had dinner with my parents and Isabel, the kids played Wii Bowling for a while, then we came home and watched Yellow Submarine in honor of having found a torrent of the McCartney FedEx concert and being able to hear that live performance of "Eleanor Rigby" again. I haven't watched the whole thing in years, and had forgotten how completely on weed it is (well, probably on things stronger than weed, but "That's on weed!" is Daniel and Adam's favorite phrase at the moment). And now we are watching Jon Stewart crucify Fox News coverage of Clinton in North Korea (quid pro quo like the Iran-Contra scandal?) which is perfectly awesome.

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