August 9th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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Daniel had a robotics meeting at someone's house in the upper part of the county, so we figured that since we had to pick him up there eventually, we would head out Columbia Pike to Ellicott City and go to Clark's Elioak Farm, which in addition to farm animals, produce, and a petting area is now the home of many of the large fixtures from the Enchated Forest theme park that was in the area during my childhood. We figured that Adam would appreciate the sheep, goats, chickens, ponies, rabbits, donkeys, calf, and pigs, and we knew that we would appreciate the storybook characters and pine maze that hides some of the structures:

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We picked up older son in the late afternoon and came home for dinner, after which Paul discovered that in fact we did have A Hard Day's Night recorded off public television at some point. The kids both agreed that we should watch it. I am amazed that in a single night, we successfully turned them into Beatles fans. And I was thinking while watching the movie about how interesting it is that men love the Beatles despite the screaming throngs of female general in rock and roll, anyone too popular with girls is treated as extremely suspect by male fans -- there's often thorough vilification, even when the screaming is over someone far less good looking than Paul McCartney, who must have the best teeth of any man of his generation and background. Anyway, to quote Adam, the film is less on weed than Help! but still plenty entertaining...I think Ringo's probably the best comic actor of the bunch.