August 12th, 2009


Poem for Wednesday

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I spent Tuesday with dementordelta, mostly without my children who went out to lunch and to play miniature golf with my parents while we went to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince -- because of course we had to see it together, having seen the previous two together, and we didn't know each other before then -- then to Village Green Grill House of Kabob, which has excellent hummus as well as good seafood and chicken. Our original plan was Tara Thai, but it closes between lunch and dinner and we missed the window; this was not a big deal, though, since we then came home and watched a bunch of Due South episodes and ate brownies. "Gift of the Wheelman" remains one of my top two episodes so far -- number one if it's based purely on soundtrack and humor (Reindeer! Elvises!) -- and in fact is probably my number two holiday episode of all time, beaten only by Xena's "A Solstice Carol."

Paul decided to make Hoppin' John for dinner after we saw it being cooked a couple of weeks ago by the Confederate reenactors at Union Mills corn roast, and though he used turkey sausage, which probably renders it inauthentic, it was still really good. We watched last Thursday's Stewart and Colbert reruns, so the kids could see the monkey washing the cat, Sarah Palin telling Sarah Palin to stop making things up, and Colbert explaining what ano means in Spanish if you leave off the accent (how different the Gettysburg Address would have been if it had been "Four score and seven anos ago"). Then we watched Warehouse 13 which yet again was passably entertaining but fairly forgettable. We could see neither the Perseids nor Saturn with its rings on edge because of cloud cover, but at least we didn't have the threatened thunderstorm!

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