August 13th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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It was not a very eventful Wednesday around here. We took my father out to lunch at Bagel City, having decided that we needed pumpernickel and blueberry bagels for breakfast tomorrow and proper lox spread besides. Then we came home and Adam went to pool for a few hours, Daniel for somewhat less time, while I did some cleanup around here and had a very long catch-up conversation with mamadracula, with whom I have been playing phone tag for days.

After dinner (shish kabobs) we put on the Joshua Bell concert on PBS (it was Mostly Mozart, though in fact it was mostly Mendelssohn), but after 15 minutes of pledge drive blather, we turned it off and put on Due South -- "Juliet Is Bleeding" and "One Good Man." What an awesome pair of episodes! One of the nice things about being so late to the party is that I don't even remember things I was probably once spoiled for; I had no idea Carrie Ann Moss was in an episode, and I had NO idea that anyone was leaving the show. The funeral scene with Loreena McKennitt's "Full Circle" playing is very powerful. And I loved the filming of the elevator shaft crisis and the protest outside whatever glass Toronto building that was in the next episode.

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