August 14th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Friday

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I have no significant news from Thursday -- got packages ready to go to the post office tomorrow, bought my SPP penguin a movie set, artist studio, scary cave and school, exchanged new free gifts with Adam, discovered that if we sent penguins today then we can't send sheep till tomorrow, sent kids off to the pool after lunch, did some reading, did some laundry, that sort of stuff. Hopefully tomorrow I will be more interesting -- son has an orthodontist appointment, though, so don't count on it.

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Collapse ) We watched Due South's "The Edge" and "We Are the Eggmen" -- I think we all preferred the latter, despite some concern about the fate of the chickens, because Fraser's "I'm getting old and losing it" angst was just a bit hard to swallow given the particular international thriller scenario in play, but it was worth watching just to see Diefenbaker's dream sequence after Fraser's. I'm only lukewarm on Fraser's boss despite trying to like her, but Francesca gets better and better.