August 23rd, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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I have nothing of major importance to report from my Saturday, which I spent getting ready to go to Kitty Hawk for four days! We haven't stayed in the Outer Banks since 2002 and I am really looking forward to it -- I've only had one day at the beach all summer thus far, and I am very grateful to Hurricane Bill for having turned north, though I hope no one's vacation in Nova Scotia or Cape Cod is ruined (we haven't been there in ages, either). We got over three inches of rain today from storms unrelated to the hurricane, which kept the kids in the house most of the day. The father of one of Adam's friends just bought a house down the street from ours, and he had the kids this weekend, so we had our two, his two, and Adam's best friend for a long time this afternoon -- it was loud. *g*

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We watched the soggy Redskins preseason victory over the Steelers this evening around our packing and planning -- the laundry got folded, my hard drive got backed up (we learned that lesson, though I back up weekly, while husband has now pulled all the important files off his hard drive and backed those up too. Our cats are highly suspicious since there are bags lying around, but have exhausted themselves from spying on boys in the basement and are now lounging around the living room glaring balefully at us.