August 29th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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We had an enormous thunderstorm in the late morning, so not a lot of excitement went on here. I couldn't send the kids to the pool, so they played some video games and rode their scooters and finished the last of their summer homework -- younger son has his first official day of school on Monday, older son on Tuesday. While they were distracted, I wrote a review of Next Gen's "Hero Worship" and tried to distract the cats, who were convinced that, since the boys were home, it must be time to eat.

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fannish5: Collapse ) No thefridayfive today. We had dinner with my parents (Chinese food, at younger son's request, never my favorite but the lo mein was pretty good), then came home and watched Sixteen Candles in honor of John Hughes -- still funny in a lot of inappropriate ways, and a weird movie to watch with one's children when one was about the same age as the main characters when the movie was new. I forgot how atrociously Caroline was treated, and having my memory refreshed on that reminded me how sexist I found most John Hughes movies which is why I haven't watched any in years and years. Ah well, artifact of my youth.