August 31st, 2009


Poem for Monday

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We spent all of Sunday at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, which opened this weekend. We got up early so we could get there in time for the 11 a.m. Fight School, where we met dementordelta, with whom we then saw the early joust, the first set by the Mediaeval Baebes, Shakespeare's Skum's production of Hamlet, the second set by the Mediaeval Baebes, Shakespeare's Skum's tag-team Romeo and Juliet, Daniel Duke of Danger, Fight School: Reloaded, and the late joust, plus bits of other acts, roaming musicians, lots of jewelry and craft shops. We were quite well-behaved and only bought brass-and-glass rings.

We also ate -- I had a huntsman's sandwich (turkey bbq) for lunch, a turkey leg for dinner, and lots of soda and a root beer float; younger son had a chicken empanada, a loaded baked potato, a turkey leg, and various desserts; older son had a turkey sandwich, a waffle, a turkey leg, and I'm not even sure what else. All of it was very good and we had a quick dinner with my parents since the kids decided they were still hungry at 7:30 when we were near home. Now I am quite exhausted and younger son has his first full day of school for the year on Monday so I shall just post some pics...

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