September 2nd, 2009

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Poem for Wednesday

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Daniel finally had his first day of school, which was interrupted very early on by a fire caused by a faulty air conditioner, resulting in the building being evacuated for an hour. At least they had a beautiful morning for it. He seems happy with his schedule -- he is taking marine biology and graphic design as well as AP world history, the second level calculus course, and chorus (no conflict with health, he got an A in the summer session). Adam's geometry class discussed Rubik's Cubes and he came home determined to learn to solve it under a minute based on a YouTube video that I don't think he's mastered yet; somewhere in my bedroom I have a Charles and Diana wedding Rubik's Cube that came with instructions for solving it that I will have to see if I can find.

My day was not very eventful; rearranged my closet a bit for the season to make room for my Renfaire clothes, now freshly laundered, went to Best Buy to get State of Play (as annathepiper says, any film in which Russell Crowe sings along with Great Big Sea is a must-have) and discovered that season seven of Smallville is now on sale for under $20...I think I have bought every season not the year it came out, but the next year, when it was half the price of the newer one, and since we haven't made a dent in rewatching -- and probably won't while the show is still on the air -- that's worked out quite well. I wish just once I could find seasos of Deep Space Nine as cheaply as I've found Smallville, Arrested Development, Due South, etc.

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It's not my favorite of their flavors, but I am eager to try Ben & Jerry's Hubby Hubby anyway!