September 5th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I had a fun afternoon. Had lunch with gblvr at Tara Thai, some shopping for jewelry in the mall and other stuff at Target. Then wrote a review of the odious Next Gen episode "Violations", which I think I hate as much as Voyager's "Retrospect," and tried to learn the new TrekToday posting system since the site is migrating to Wordpress. It took a couple of tries and some tweaking -- I had to take out the paragraph breaks, change the bold codes to strong codes, and figure out where to put the cut tag -- then I went back and put my name on the previous Retro Review posts and added a Retro Review tag to the ones that didn't have it. By the time I finished, it was time to go to my parents' for dinner.

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After dinner (barbecued chicken and salmon, yay), I subjected my family to Glee again because I wanted to record it. Nobody left the room, though Adam was very unimpressed with the cast tweets across the bottom of the screen. He was busy getting our penguins settled in their Grecian Ruins, anyway. I think thefridayfive, like fridayfiver before it, may be abandoned. fannish5: Collapse )