September 7th, 2009


Poem for Monday

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We had planned to go to Baltimore on Sunday to see an exhibit at the Geppi Museum. Then a couple of days ago, apaulled discovered that the Orioles were selling upper-deck seats for $1 to many of their games in September. So we asked my parents if they wanted to come, packed up sandwiches and went to the Rangers game at Camden Yards. I always root for the Orioles no matter what, but this time my parents were rooting for them as well since the Rangers have a shot at a wild card spot and it wasn't going to hurt Boston any if Baltimore won. And it was a terrific game: 7-0 Orioles, with a guy they just brought up from the minors getting two hits, two runs and two RBIs and several solid doubles bringing down their LOB average. The stadium wasn't at all crowded and once the sun moved past our seats, which happened before the game started, not too warm.

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We left in the eighth inning to go to the Geppi Museum, where we first visited the Carl Barks Retrospective, which apaulled really wanted to see. Barks created Scrooge McDuck and illustrated most of Donald Duck and his nephews' adventures, many of which involve pirates and outdoor adventuring. We also went to Yellow Bricks & Emerald Cities, a Wizard of Oz celebration -- they had many of the books and illustrations, plus the Dorothy Barbie that I own -- and we walked through the rest of the museum, which I had visited last May. Then we drove back near home and my parents took us to a diner where I had Eggs Benedict with lox instead of Canadian bacon, a truly brilliant idea.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!