September 10th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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Most of this entry will be about things I watched Wednesday, so if you were hoping that I did things, you may be sorely disappointed. I did go to California Tortilla for lunch with cidercupcakes, who told me she thought after Comic-Con that it would be safe for me to watch Eastwick. We picked up food -- chicken tortilla soup and burritos are sometimes a necessity for happiness, even if younger son had to finish mine for me -- and watched some Futurama (one of our traditions, along with Arrested Development) and agreed that even though too many people told us to watch Glee and Leverage respectively, they were right.

In the afternoon, I watched The Secret Life of Bees, which I'd been hairy about watching after the previews; I'd read the beginning of the book and found it a bit cloying, and the film previews had every cliched platitude spoken by the characters (things like "finding out the truth is only half of it, it's what you do with it that matters"). I am ashamed to say that I watched just to see Paul Bettany and Jennifer Hudson -- I like Queen Latifah but her character seemed to embody several cliches in the previews, and I was wary of the often-too-cute Dakota Fanning. Well, Fanning is terrific, even though she has plenty of overly precocious dialogue that somehow doesn't ruin the story. Some of the facts are off -- the stuff about Jews putting written prayers in the Wailing Wall, which was certainly not a widespread practice in 1964, before Israel gained control of it during the Six Day War -- but the performances were very moving, and the music was so fantastic that I had to download Lizz Wright's "Song for Mia," Joe Purdy's "Mary," and India.Arie's "Beautiful" as soon as I finished watching.

After dinner we all started watching Obama's health care speech, for which, like his school speech, I felt like we were not the target audience. Collapse ) Then we all watched Glee, which I enjoy a lot but can't say I adore like the people I know waxing rhapsodic about every aspect of the show. I love the musical numbers, I love the core glee kids...I really do NOT like the way Sue, Terri and Quinn are being set up as irredeemable, shallow bitches whom we're supposed to laugh at while not taking seriously enough to care about any pain they might be feeling. Collapse )

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