September 14th, 2009


Poem for Monday

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We drove before lunch to Washington County, where there were several Civil War-related activities going on in honor of the anniversary of the Battle of South Mountain and Battle of Antietam. Washington Monument State Park had Living History Weekend, with a Confederate reenactor talking about the history of the Washington Monument during the Civil War and showing some of the weapons and equipment used by soldiers. Antietam National Battlefield had Infantry & Sharpshooter firing demonstrations, followed by an artillery firing demonstration with two twelve-pounders. The town of Boonsboro, founded by Daniel Boone's cousins whose public buildings were used as makeshift hospitals during the Civil War, had a craft fair and antique show called Boonesborough Days in a large park. And since we were out driving near South Mountain, we stopped at the South Mountain Creamery to see the calves and buy some cheese and fresh buttermilk.

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We saw none of the Ravens game and only the end of the Redskins game, though it came as no surprise that the Washington managed to lose and only a bit of a surprise that the Baltimore game was as close as it ended up being. In the evening we watched Due South's hilarious "Seeing Is Believing" and even more hilarious "Spy vs Spy" -- I don't know what I liked better, watching Fraser hypnotize Ray ("cauliflower") or watching him in the ballet. Probably the latter if only because Martha Burns played one of the bad guys, though the music during everyone's reconstructions of the crime in the former alone is worth the price of admission.