September 15th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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I had the great pleasure of celebrating dementordelta's birthday with her on Monday, a couple of days late but that was all right because we had Paul Gross! That is, we had sushi, Blue Crab Bay nuts, and chocolate cream pie, and watched an afternoon's worth of Due South from "The Blue Line" to the end of the first season (Fraser's first boyfriend, Francesca, Jane Krakowski, The X-Files, Fraser's first girlfriend, Rear Window). Spicy tuna and rainbow rolls go very well with Paul Gross. Of course, I can't think of anything that doesn't go with Paul Gross.

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We watched New England try to lose to the Bills before remembering that they're the Patriots, then watched part of the Raiders-Chargers game, but Stewart and Colbert are back so we turned off football at eleven. I was sad to hear about Patrick Swayze, though I haven't followed his career in a long time. Really, I am sadder about the murder of Annie Le. Tuesday I plan to spend as much of the day as possible engrossed in a Masonic conspiracy, assuming gets the book to me early enough, so if you don't hear from me, that's why.