September 17th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I am completely behind on my friends list, Facebook, etc. because I spent all morning reading The Lost Symbol -- I probably could have read more quickly, but I told the Green Man Review that I'd write it up, so I was taking notes, which I don't have entirely transcribed yet (I write them on note paper in shorthand since that's easier than stopping to type, but I have to transcribe them right away or I forget what "p. 13 hahaha like NT" is supposed to mean. I need to look back at Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code Collapse )

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I finished the book before my kids got home from school, meaning that I got to fold laundry while watching Vienna Teng Live At World Cafe. And I watched Glee, which is amusing but still not making me hyperventilate as it seems to be doing to many other people I know, both in and out of fandom (I think there's more squee on my Facebook home page from people with whom I grew up, some of whom were likely in those days to ridicule those less popular than themselves). Collapse )

I just heard about Mary Travers' death and now I'm all verklempt. Not surprised -- she survived with leukemia longer than many do -- and I knew when she stopped touring with Peter and Paul that she must be critically ill, but I'm still very sorry I didn't see them two summers ago which was the last time they were in D.C. together. I don't even have any photos of her to post because the last time I took a camera to see Peter, Paul & Mary, I didn't have a good enough digital camera to bother to bring to Wolf Trap. And Henry Gibson, too...I've only seen clips of Laugh-In but I adored him on Boston Legal. Very sad.