September 18th, 2009


Poem for Friday

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Back from a very nice evening at Daniel's back to school night, which started early -- a 4:30 departure, since there was a car on fire on the Beltway causing lane closures and we knew traffic would be bad. We left Adam with my mother and picked up Daniel after robotics, then took him across the street from his school to the Chinese restaurant where he eats sometimes with the robotics team, though he tried to pretend he wasn't with us while we were walking and fled the moment we were done eating to go hang out with his friends in the chorus classroom, Meanwhile, I stopped in Tuesday Morning and discovered the Red Riding Hood Barbie on sale for $20, so it was a very successful abandonment for me, since Daniel would never have put up with me forcing him into a store!

Daniel had warned us that his math teacher was a comedian and his history teacher was a cynic, though we discovered that both are shows put on for students -- he seems to have terrific teachers in every subject this year (the computer science teacher wasn't there, but he had her first semester last year and liked her). The marine biology teacher is very young and enthusiastic and wants to take field trips to the aquarium and Natural History Museum, the history teacher was wearing a tie with the cover of The Origin of Species printed on it and a Darwin fish pin and wants to take a field trip to see the Xian terra cotta warriors at National Geographic, the math teacher said that when kids are struggling with advanced calculus, they need cookies. The chorus trip in the spring is likely to be to Florida. Daniel seems to be quite happy despite all the homework, so it's all good.

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