September 25th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Friday

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Am feeling icky so this may be even more incoherent than usual. I had a reasonably nice day despite sleeping terribly because of my sinuses -- dentist appointment in the morning, which was more unpleasant than usual because of aforementioned sinuses, but I had no cavities and I got the really good hygienist, so that was nice. I had plans to meet gblvr for lunch but she was driving all the way down in my direction, so I did a little shopping (well, browsing), then went to Lebanese Taverna with her for hummus and cheese fatayer, and then browsing in Ulta -- she brought me my favorite shade of 1970s glittery blue eyeshadow, yay!

I came home, collapsed, and slept for about an hour, then took Advil, which got me through the rest of the day. My stomach finally seems to be recovering from the zinc, which I am now certain makes me sicker than being sick. We watched Flash Forward, which I went back and forth about -- had good initial reviews though the premise seems certain to run it into the ground after half a season, has a lot of female characters though has Brannon Braga as executive producer, has many cast members whom I really love though has Joseph Fiennes in the part I wish Jack Davenport was playing (I adore Sonya Walger and hope she gets to make out with both of them). We all really enjoyed the to see if they can sustain interest. I just hope it gets more of a wrap-up than Threshold did, if not.

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