September 26th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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Still feeling rather icky, but I took it easy today so I really can't complain. Wrote a review of Next Gen's not great but reasonably entertaining "Power Play", did some reading, fought with the Post's Friday Sudoku. We had dinner with my parents and celebrated Daniel's 16th birthday, which is on Saturday -- my mother had threatened to get him socks and underwear if he didn't tell her what he wanted after many queries, so she hid money for him in socks and underwear. Daniel has a cold too (he had it first), so he has been sort of apathetic about this birthday, and we haven't had an easy time figuring out what to get him, either.

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We came home from son's birthday dinner to catch the season premiere of Smallville, which now has three women I like and no Lana, plus Oliver, and Callum Blue and Brian Austin Green as apparent regulars, so that's all to the good. Not sure how I feel about Collapse ) After that, we watched Castle in the Sky, because we were in a Miyazaki mood and Paul had discovered that the library had it. I love the steampunk ships and the World Tree imagery, though I've never been able to place the film geographically (starts out looking like Wales but then there's a hurricane to the east) and the villain's just plain annoying rather than terrifying. The kids said they think it's better than Ponyo, though. Really, I love all of them.