September 27th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Sunday

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Daniel turned 16 on Saturday. When pressed about what he would like to do for the day, he hemmed, hawed, and finally said he wanted to play miniature which point it began to rain. So instead we took the kids to Best Buy and Borders, where Daniel declined to purchase The Beatles: Rock Band and asked for Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters -- I guess it's 50-50 whether we've raised him well or not. He did ask to be taken out to Cici's Pizza, and again I don't know whether to celebrate his frugality or weep at his lack of taste (Adam was pulling for The Melting Pot or at least Legal Seafood). We got Daniel one of the Simpsons' box sets, an XKCD collection, and whatever the latest Mario and Luigi DS game is. He doesn't seem to mind that his birthday was low-key, so I am considering it a nice calm family day.

In the evening, after catching up on the disastrous Terrapins score -- we saw a bit of the much more encouraging Virginia Tech-Miami score -- we watched some Due South, first "Asylum" from the third season, then the first three episodes of the second season because dementordelta arrived. The plan, technically, is that we are going to the Pennsylvania Renfaire on Sunday. Whether that happens given the rapidly deteriorating weather forecast remains to be seen. At any rate, she brought pie and Paul made a cookie cake, so we celebrated with birthday candles!

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