October 2nd, 2009

get critical

Note for Friday

Reposted from my other journals last night:

LiveJournal (which hosts the journals where I keep my drafts, poems I intend to post, photos, etc.) has been down for the past couple of hours, so I am not even going to try to put together a proper post but will instead drop in this placeholder and get back to the poetry, photos etc. tomorrow. I had a nice day -- got up early with younger son to get our penguins a Taj Mahal, St. Basil Scenic View, and two different Lunar Festival habitats, plus lots of pirate plushies and miniature chicken Russian stacking dolls, then met gblvr for sushi at Momo Taro and did a bit of gratuitous accessory shopping with her before coming back to my house and watching some Jensen Ackles on Smallville. Younger son explained Pedo Bear to her and she showed us the highlights of the Supernatural episode in which he appeared.

In the evening we watched FlashForward, which I enjoyed again -- with that cast, it would have to be pretty terrible for me to hate it -- though I can easily see how the storyline has built-in problems with timelines and things either ending too soon or dragging on too long (see: Heroes). I put off Next Gen ("Ethics") to watch with my kids tomorrow, since they have a half-day of school, before I review it. Jon Stewart and Joy Behar just made me very happy ("It was rape-rape!") and now Colbert is finishing up his cheerleading for the Olympics in Chicago, which is a good note to collapse on.