October 3rd, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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The county schools had a half day on Friday, so I had my kids home shortly after noon, which was shortly after I got back from a doctor appointment. My blood pressure was marginally up, so she wants me back in a couple of weeks to see whether it's an anomaly or something that bears watching more closely -- my family history is not terrific where blood pressure is concerned -- but otherwise it was a pretty uneventful visit. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation with Daniel and wrote a review of "Ethics" for TrekToday, and we had dinner with my parents.

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It's too early in the season to evaluate Smallville but I'm so happy finally to see so much emphasis on Lois, and I get a real kick out of Collapse ) After that we watched the Due South two-parter "Mountie on the Bounty," which I enjoyed for so many reasons. Ray makes me howl -- "The goat ship?" -- and of course I loved the ships and ghost pirates and Canadian folk songs, real and manufactured. And I've been aboard an HMS Bounty replica, though there were no mounties at the time, so I adored all the shipboard scenes, even the bad gratuitous romances (Constable Turnbull for the win!).