October 8th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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Sorry about last night's non-post -- I had the second-worst migraine of my life (the worst being the first one I ever had, which sent me to the emergency room). When two Imitrex failed me I knew I had to go to bed. I am fighting with a charming new low-salt diet, and my blood sugar has been crashing because I haven't figured out what I can get away with eating, and though my brand new home blood pressure monitor says that my blood pressure is lower than both my doctors said it was, it's still over 125/80 which means that for me it is definitely up.

Anyway, I had a nicer day today even though the migraine is lingering: had an excellent salad at The Hunter's Inn with someone I've known since she was born (our parents have been friends for many, many years -- her father was at my house when I woke up the morning my sister was born), then walked to a bunch of nearby stores, found the new Halloween Treat Barbie witch, bought some fuzzy winter socks. Came home, did some reading, answered some e-mail, had pumpkin turkey chili for dinner courtesy Paul which is one of the best things ever. So all in all, a good day. Oh and I caught up with last night's Daily Show and just want to mention that I love Jon Stewart.

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We watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind last night but it was all a blur to me -- we had it out of the library and it was due so we put it on, but I really need to watch again when I can see straight -- I loved that the main characters were both women, and loved as usual that it was pro-environment and had awesome magical animals. I know I'm a broken record on Glee but my feelings have not changed: love the music, love the gay boy, hate that every single grownup woman is either pathetic or horrible or both. And Eastwick...my excuse this week is that Roxy felt terrible about something that would have been played for sick laughs in The Witches of Eastwick film. And Paul Gross is still incredibly hot.