October 10th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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Not a lot to report from my Friday -- long walk in the gorgeous weather, long time spent reviewing Next Gen's "The Outcast" which deserved detailed praise, then Adam came home and complained that a girl was giving out cupcakes to pro-life students in his middle school lunchroom, which led me to discover that it was National Pro-Life Cupcake Day, and that derailed quite a bit of my evening. The PTA president thinks it was against county rules, though I am not sure whether the underlying issue is the content or the handing out of food without permission; I think she will take it up with the administration, which would be nice since it means I can mostly stay out of it (and hopefully keep my son out of it if pro-life lunatics come out of the woodwork). I did send them a very low-key e-mail.

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Friday evening TV included the living dead episode of Smallville, in which I found that I actually like drunk Oliver though I may have been very distracted by shirtless Oliver. Collapse ) Then we watched Due South's "Longball," not wanting to see actual baseball and find out whether A-Rod showed up for the postseason for the Yankees (apparently he did). And then we watched the season premiere of Sanctuary, which I was surprised to discover I had actually missed; it has all the same structural flaws as last season, but I enjoy Amanda Tapping a lot and any show in which a werewolf has dramatic scenes with a Neanderthal already has something going for it in my book. It's a pain there's an hour between it and Smallville, though, because I really don't want my family watching that many hours of TV on Friday nights!