October 12th, 2009


Poem for Monday

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Earlier this weekend we realized that this Sunday might be the last day we could get to the Maryland Renaissance Faire again this year, so we got up bright and early, since it was Shakespeare Weekend and we wanted to arrive in time for the 10:30 a.m. start of the marathon sonnet reading which went on at the Boars Head Tavern for most of the day, not only by faire actors but also members of the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company and Maryland Shakespeare Festival. It was also ASL Performance Day, so there were sign language interpreters at most of the shows and service dogs visiting near the faire entrance. The weather was incredibly gorgeous -- barely 70 in the sun, with the leaves turning golden in the trees. We saw the Aerial Angels, two Hack & Slash shows, the O'Danny Girls, most of an abridged Don Quixote, Book I, the 2 p.m. joust, the Squire of the Wire, a bit of The Rogues (whom we heard all over Revel Grove), a bit of Hilby, and Fight School: Reloaded:

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Monday is parent visiting day at school; Adam has told me it's not necessary that I go, and I am torn because I have spent much of this weekend having e-mail exchanges with the administration, the PTA president and now a Board of Education member about Pro-Life Cupcake Day (and have also removed one person from my reading list online for lecturing me about Poor Dead Babies -- I will reiterate, if you are not tolerant of other people's personal beliefs that ending a pregnancy is sometimes necessary for medical, psychological, and personal reasons that you might never share, it is really not necessary for you to read my journal, because I have no tolerance whatsoever for having my personal beliefs labeled as murder). Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!