October 13th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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Not an eventful Monday -- laundry, computer stuff, lots of retagging on LiveJournal (I decided the Baltimore Ravens needed their own tag, and Glee, and important things like that). Oh, and I got a phone call from a radio talk show host in California who was researching Pro-Life Cupcake Day and apparently followed a tweet to my blog post of this morning, but I chickened out about actually being on the show -- I have promises from the PTA, the school principal, and someone on the school board to look into the situation, so as long as that happens, I have no complaints with how the school is handling things, and I really don't want to make my son or his school a target for the right-wing religious fanatics who run the ministry behind Pro-Life Cupcake Day.

Rosie is sneezing a lot this evening. I never know how soon to call the vet, particularly with her, since she seems to get allergies or at least respiratory irritation quite often when the seasons change, and she isn't acting sick otherwise -- she certainly has not lost her appetite for her own food or anyone else's. I am sympathetic, since I have to go to two different doctors tomorrow, including getting fasting blood drawn at 8 a.m. at which point I am just hoping I don't have a migraine (I am making Paul drive me because I've been dizzy after fasting blood tests before). I am sure I had something else to say but it escapes me at the moment which probably means I need sleep!

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