October 14th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Wednesday

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I had two medical procedures today, one at 8 a.m. and one that was supposed to be at 3 p.m. but didn't get started till nearly 4:30 due to idiocy on the part of the staff -- and the endless sitting in the overheated waiting room was by far the best part of being in that office, which ought to tell you what my late afternoon was like. Even though I had driven myself, I called Paul to meet me and follow me home in the van because I was so dizzy and nauseous for half an hour that the nurses parked me on an examination table so I wouldn't pass out as they left one by one since the office closed at 5:30.

In fact, the best part of my day before 6 p.m. was taking a boring two-mile walk around the neighborhood -- those of you who know how tedious I find exercise for its own sake will appreciate exactly how much the rest of my day sucked. I knew things were not going to go well in the very early morning when a woman threw a hissy fit because I picked up a magazine it didn't look like anyone had been reading since it was tossed on a chair while she was with a nurse, and that really set the tone for the rest of the day. At least Rosie seems somewhat better -- only a couple of sneezes. Wednesday I am staying home and folding laundry and being glad I get to do just that.

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