October 15th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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My day involved rearranging Barbie dolls; folding laundry; taking a long trip to the grocery store where I read literally a hundred labels; doing a lot of research online about ingredients and concluding that, while I can easily live without cheap Chinese food for the rest of my life, I am facing a tragic separation from every kind of cheese I love; trading in SPP to get Adam an animated chimney sweep penguin; and watching Doubt. The latter has terrific performances, as I expected, but it felt overdramatized and talky -- it was very obvious that it had been a play -- and I thought it completely chickened out on addressing the central question, Collapse )

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Glee...all right, I know it's the most popular thing on the internet right now, but I must admit that I'm thisclose to not watching, and it's really only the music keeping me around. Collapse ) As for Eastwick, I am doing my best not to get attached because I know it's on the fence and last week it was even beaten by Leno. I readily admit that it's uneven...as far as I'm concerned, there is still not nearly enough Darryl Van Horne, and I'm not just saying that because I want to see Paul Gross. Collapse )